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Recorded by Markus Mocydlarz at Superwampe, Berlin
Mixed by Assaf Bomgard
Tape colouring by The Hans
Mastered by Diego Ferri
Stratotoaster sculpture: Jay Gard
Artwork: dj Vomit
Produced by Nunofyrbeeswax and Assaf Bomgard

paru le 4 décembre 2020

Angela: drums & vocals
Davide: guitar & vocals
Juan: Trombone, synth & vocals

Double Bass on Glitch: Gianfranco “Gee See”
Saxophone on WaxBux: Paul Haines
Backing vocals on Danse Sauvage, Rock & Roll Specimen, Dolphin: Susanna Trotta
Talking hats & musical handbags on What’s yr Problem and backing vocals on Danse Sauvage and Touch Too Much: Agente Costura

All songs written by Nunofyrbeeswax

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